Find Out Who Or What The 'Lamb of Columbia' Is With New 'Bioshock' Trailer

By Joseph Leray

Hot on the heels of the second episode of “BioShock Infinite”’s mockumentary, “Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?” comes a more traditional trailer detailing some of the events that set the game in motion: grizzled protagonist Booker DeWitt is sent to fetch Elizabeth, some kind of mystical time-jumper, from the floating city of Columbia in order to clear his earthbound debts.


As the release date for “BioShock Infinite” looms ever larger -- March 26, for the record -- it’s getting harder and harder to maintain a sense of novelty about the game. I didn’t realize DeWitt’s debts were the impetus for the game, for example (even though that tidbit has apparently been floating around for a while).

In any case, the new trailer doubles down on the religious aspect of Elizabeth’s powers: she’s the “flame that will ignite the world,” as it were. Prophecies and chosen ones litter the annals of gaming history, but there’s a neat tension in the notion that Elizabeth has clearly been studied and tampered with in a lab in Columbia.

And lastly, I’m not sure the country western-themed score does “BioShock Infinite” any favors. The first game was well-served by its big-band jazz tunes, and “Infinite”’s vaguely post-war stylings have a wealth of rockabilly, jazz, and R&B tunes to choose from, but I doubt there are any tumbleweeds or rattlesnakes to be found within Columbia’s stream-powered pneumatics.

Media overload notwithstanding, “BioShock Infinite” will be out next month on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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