Reminder: We'll Be Covering Sony's Big February 20 Reveal Live

Will it be the announcement of a brand-new console, or will Sony simply do what we've all been hoping and reclaim the rights to "Crash Bandicoot?" We'll all find out what among the seemingly endless rumors and speculation about Sony's next gen next steps this Wednesday when the publisher holds their big press event in New York City.

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The best part of the event will be that we can stop speculating about what Sony's going to do next.

At this point, it would be hugely anticlimactic if the "PlayStation Meeting Event" wasn't the oft-rumored PS4 reveal, the likelihood of the new console cycle now just a simple inevitability. So what's Sony got up their sleeve for the next generation? Always-on, integrated 3D printing with the ability to Freejack directly into the games? Or maybe it'll just be more horsepower under the hood and greater social hooks and game sharing/streaming.

There are a lot of "stories" out there from insiders and would-be moles, but the race to the bottom of the rumor mill (is that metaphor even a thing? Sorry, it's late) will finally be done when Sony tells us just what they've been cooking up.


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