New Video Games For The Week Of 2/19: Serious Slash Shooter Classic

Two tough guys in silver are bringing you your requisite violent action this week, with both “Crysis 3” and “Metal Gear Rising Revengance” hitting the real-world and digital shelves. Crytek’s shooter might have a broader fanbase than Platinum’s hack and slash side story set in the “Metal Gear” universe, but I’m way more excited about the latter than the former. You can run and gun in any number of first-person shooters, but how many allow you to slow down time and cut watermelon?

Title:Crysis 3” (REVIEW)
Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

I rag on console gaming’s favorite genre, but Crytek’s series–owing to a combination of top-notch production and interesting weapons–has its devotees. The developer has come by those followers honestly, creating spectacles in the best possible sense of the word that push the boundaries of gaming hardware and get the PC crowd excited about picking up a new graphics card.

That emphasis on technical prowess has led to a pair of earlier games that felt sterile but gorgeous to me, but again, there’s an audience for what Crytek’s doing, and I can’t hate on them for trying to essentially bring “Vanquish” to the first-person shooting gallery.

Title:Metal Gear Rising Revengance” (REVIEW)
Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360

My review for Platinum’s latest character action game will detail the many ways that it’s broken and then try to convince you that it’s worth picking up. The list of problems with “Revengeance” isn’t long, but the individual issues are profound. It’s not a game that demos well, and even after completing the campaign, I’m not sure I’ve really figured out the intricacies of playing Raiden. And this isn’t by design.

And yet…

There’s an exquisitely satisfying hack and slash that deserves your time and attention.

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