‘Crysis 3’ Shows Off An Armory of Devastating Weapons in New Trailer

By Joseph Leray

Confession: if there is a bow in a shooting game, I’m going to go out of my way to use it.

I’m not some kind of avid sportsman or real-life bow enthusiast, mind you. I’ve shot bows several times, actually, but I’m not exactly a marksman: sometimes I hit the target, and sometimes I send the arrow flying into my neighbor’s yard, off her roof, and into the next street. I’m lucky I didn’t seriously injure someone, and that was the end of my urban bow-shooting career. My target-practice sessions invariably take place on farms now.

Nevertheless, all of my favorite first- and third-person shooting games have bows in them. In “Half-Life 2,” I spent hours pinning Combine soldiers to walls with Gordon’s crossbow. “BioShock” also featured a crossbow. If I recall correctly, it was the only weapon in the game with a zoom function, effectively becoming a sniper-bow. Here’s what I definitely remember, though: using my invisibility tonics to become a ghostly, head-shooting terror skulking through the shadows of Rapture.

The “Gears of War” series introduced us to the Torque Bow. It was kind of unwieldy to use, but there was something incredibly satisfying about holding down the trigger, feeling the bow tighten, and then seeing the arrows explode a few seconds later. “Gears” does a great job with giving the player enough feedback to really feel that arrow punch through Locust armor.

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