Red Thread Games Shares Update for 'Dreamfall Chapters' on Kickstarter

By Joseph Leray

Red Thread Games have released a video of the first prototype of “Dreamfall Chapters,” the Kickstarter-funded third installment of Ragnar Tornquist’s “The Longest Journey” series.

In any case, “Dreamfall Chapters” takes place -- as it stands now -- in a sun-drenched forest of Riverwood, dotted by stone houses and campfires. “Keep in mind that this is still very early prototype footage, and as such does not reflect the final quality of the art, animations, frame-rate or [user interface],” Red Thread writes on its Kickstarter page. “The geography, trees, buildings and assets are also temporary, and will change a lot in the months ahead.”

“Riverwood is, after all, a magical, fairy-tale forest, and right now it's not looking particularly magical or fairy-taley,” the update continues.

Still, it’s nice to get a rough idea of how the game is going to work. The most interesting part is the non-intrusive interface, which was designed to fuse the specific, tactile feel of a point-and-click game with the openness of “Dreamfall Chapters’” worlds.


The playable prototype footage caps off a week of updates to the “Dreamfall Chapters” Kickstarter, the most significant of which are Red Thread’s stretch goals for the project: if the fund hits $90k, they’ll release Mac and Linux ports; at $1 million, they’ll start adding new features and locations.

I’ll admit that I’m not too familiar with “The Longest Journey,” but the Kickstarter for “Dreamfall Chapters” is rocketing towards Red Thread’s $850,000 goal, so somebody out there really digs on the action-adventure series. It’s not hard to see why -- just reading the Kickstarter summary of the series suggests a rich, detailed universe full of intrigue and mystery. I have no idea who Kian is, for example, but I do want to know why he’s being tried for treason.

Thankfully, both “The Longest Journey” and its sequel, “Dreamfall” are digitally available on Steam. “Dreamfall Chapters,” however, won’t be out until November of next year.


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