'Star Wars' Fighting Game Footage Surfaces

By Joseph Leray

jedi from Robomodo on Vimeo.

Speaking with Wired about hypothetical “Star Wars” games, designer Jesse Schell noted that “No one’s ever made a good lightsaber game.”

“But the thing that never has really been nailed is the lightsaber experience,” he continued. “It’s really hard to do well.” Which isn’t to say that it hasn’t been tried.

The video above features two rounds of a teenaged Anakin Skywalker taking on Darth Maul (who, in retrospect, kind of looks like a Juggalo). It’s actually an “in-engine tech demo” for a never-realized “Star Wars” lightsaber fighting game by now-defunct Studio Gigante.

Studio Gigante was formed after longtime “Mortal Kombat” developers John Tobias and Josh Tsui left Midway in 1999. According to a Polygon profile of Tsui, the studio had been pitching the “Star Wars” title to publishers alongside a similar “Kill Bill” game. Neither game came to fruition, but the video -- found in a Tweet by Tsui -- was meant to accompany pitch meetings and presentations and to serve as a proof of concept for swordfighting-focused games.

In a surprising twist from a company of ex-”Mortal Kombat” guys, Anakin doesn’t explode in a hail of viscera when Darth Maul impales him at the end of round one. Anakin’s force push seems equally toothless -- a guy who slaughters a village full of Tusken raiders (“like animals!”) should surely be able to muster up some sort of spine-rip Fatality, right?

The next time you find yourself in a lightsaber duel to the death with a guy with red facepaint and horns, ask yourself, “What would Scorpion do?”

[Twitter via Polygon]

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