The Latest 'Star Trek The Video' Trailer Has A Lot Of Sky Diving

I don't know how I got around to playing it, but the first (and only) "Star Trek" game I've ever had any extended period of time with was "Begin: a Tactical Starship Adventure," the space strategy game that offered something like a billion ways to be blown out of space. That game tended towards the hard sci-fi elements of the original series and less towards the high concept, action adventure stuff that's become associated with the J.J. Abrams reboot.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just really pronounced.

Anyway, this new trailer offers yet another look at the development of Digital Extremes' "Star Trek The Video Game" with Paramount Pictures' Senior Vice President Brian Miller offering his two cents on why Kirk and Spock would make the ultimate partners in a co-op shooter.

There's a lot of leaping and exploding going on in that trailer, plus is Spock taking on stealth missions?

"God of War" and "Shank" writer Marianne Krawczyk is behind the story here, which sees the crew of the Enterprise facing off against the classic "Star Trek" baddies the Gorn.

The lighting and the way the camera is set behind the characters seems to consciously evoke "Mass Effect" (which was itself consciously evoking classic "Star Trek" at turns), making me wish there was an expansive, action RPG in that mold for the "Trek" universe.


"Star Trek The Video Game" will be out on the PS3 and Xbox 360 April 23.

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