Is This A Blurry Tease For 'Just Cause 3?'


Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg tweeted the blurry image above earlier this week (which was spotted by Kotaku), touting it as one of the big games the studio is working on in 2013. Featuring an unknown character seeming to eject some unfortunate guy from his motorcycle seat, it appears to be set amid some dusty, dirty hills.

So could the man doing the ejecting be Rico Rodriguez of "Just Cause" fame?

We're about due for another open world action adventure game with Rico. The last "Just Cause," released back in 2010, got some fairly positive reviews for Swedish developer Avalanche Studio, and those three years would be more than enough time for them to have found a new sandbox for the character to tool around in.


While the stories in those games are no great shakes, like "Red Faction: Guerilla" or "Saints Row: The Third," they're excellent mayhem simulators, allowing players to bounce from one semi-anarchic encounter to the next and leaving a trail of flames and wrecked vehicles in their wake.

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