'BioShock' Doc Explores Columbia’s Songbird In This New Trailer

By Joseph Leray

Irrational Games have released Part 2 of their “BioShock Infinite” documentary, “Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?” This one is about the Songbird, the dual-purposed, leather-bound monster that simultaneously keeps invaders out of the flying city of Columbia while keeping its most dangerous resident -- the time-hopping, dimension-shredding Elizabeth -- in.

If you missed it, the first episode -- about Columbia’s secession and airborne disappearance -- is here.

With all the consternation about the game’s cover art and its appeal to mainstream shooter fans, marketing like this is a breath of fresh air. Unfurrow those knotted brows, intellectual-bros!: these clever videos make it clear that Irrational Games is treating the setting and story of “BioShock Infinite” with due care.

Next up, maybe they’ll make a doc explaining the exact process by which Booker DeWitt marshalls the crow army to do his bidding.

“BioShock Infinite” will be out on March 26 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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