'140' is an Ex-'Limbo' Dev’s Abstract, Rhythmic Indie Platformer

By Joseph Leray

When the Independent Games Festival announced that “140” had been nominated for an award for Excellence in Audio (and an honorable mention for the Technical Excellence category), nobody really knew what to make of it. You could tell it some sort of polychromatic, minimalistic something with a focus on music (hence the audio award), but that’s about it.

This isn’t altogether surprising -- the IGF looks at unreleased games all the time, and finding diamonds in the rough is kind of their thing.

Developer Jeppe Carlson has since released a trailer for the game and spilled a few choice details to IndieGames: the former Playdead staffer -- he was the lead gameplay designer on “Limbo” -- has spent the last two years making “140.”

As you can see from the trailer, the game’s platforming is informed by the soundtrack, with the disappearing blocks and moving ledges pulsing with the beat. It’s reminiscent of “Sound Shapes” or the “Bit.Trip” series in that respect, but we’ll see how Carlson’s “140” plays out when it gets an official PC release later this year.


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