'SMT: Soul Hackers' Story Trailer Sets the Scene for Techno-Horror

By Joseph Leray

Atlus has released a new story trailer for “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers” to drum up interest before the game’s release on 3DS on April 16. A kid on the playground at school told me that if you say the name three times in a mirror, corporate mascot Jack Frost will appear and eat your soul.

In any case, the trailer sets the stage for Atlus’ dungeon-crawling, demon-taming RPG: Amami City is the pinnacle of humanity’s technological achievement, but a mysterious force is possessing its residents and releasing demons into the city. The blend of mystical horror and sleek futurism is one of Atlus’ hallmarks, and “Soul Hackers” fits neatly into the series’ well-established style.

This makes sense, considering “Soul Hackers” is a sequel to the original mid-90’s “Devil Summoner” that never made it across the pond until now.


So, with your glasses-free 3D clamshell device at the ready, you can pre-order “Soul Hackers” from the official website. When the UPS guy drops it unceremoniously onto your doorstep, it will be packaged with a limited-edition soundtrack, featuring the dulcet tunes of longtime composer Shoji Meguro, Oshiko Tasaki, and Tsukasa Masuko.

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