'Legend of Zelda' Miiverse Community Launches Today On Wii U

Legend of Zelda Miiverse Community

It's clear that the fans are ready for another "Legend of Zelda" game, and Nintendo knows it. All you have to do to get a feel for the anticipation is scroll through Miiverse and check out all of the Link fan-art that's been shared. Thankfully, there's now a proper place for all of it, as Nintendo today created a dedicated "Legend of Zelda" Miiverse community.

Unlike other Miiverse communities, the Legend of Zelda section isn't tied to a particular game. Instead, it will act as sort of digital gathering place where fans can discuss the franchise as a whole and share their latest drawings of Link and other characters from Hyrule. Whether you're playing classic games on NES and SNES, or powering through Skyward Sword one more time, you now have a dedicated place to share your thoughts.

The most exciting part of the new Legend of Zelda Miiverse community is that Mr. Aonuma "may be making an appearance from time to time," according to Satoru Iwata. Sure, he could just pop in and say hello, but there's also the possibility of him dropping hints about the upcoming "Wind Waker HD" remake and Wii U Zelda game we've been waiting for. How awesome would it be to jump into the new community only to stumble across concept art or screenshots from the new game?

Watch this morning's entire Nintendo Direct below!

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