Explore the Docks In This Trailer For 'Ether One,' A Memory-Bending First-Person Adventure

By Joseph Leray

Ether One” is a first-person adventure game by White Paper Games, an indie studio out of Manchester, England. As so often happens with indie games, “Ether One” has been kicking around the internet since at least last summer, but only piqued my interest this morning with a new trailer

The first game in a two-part adventure game mini-series, “Ether One” is about Jean, a mental patient who is in the process of being “restored.” As a Restorer -- someone who can explore others’ memories -- players will be tasked with entering Jean’s mind, solving puzzles, uncovering information, and mending her broken psyche. Unfortunately, it seems as something has gone wrong with the restoration process, and “Ether One” will ostensibly task players with escaping Jean’s mind in one piece.

The trailer showcases some of the game’s painterly art direction and its subtle science-fiction influences. “Ether One’s" vibrant colors and character design actually remind me of the Neptune’s Bounty section of “BioShock,” in no small part because so much of the trailer takes place in a vaguely steampunk group of docks, and because the Restorer is holding a camera -- who else remembers researching Splicers and Big Daddies?


Its premise, on the other hand, sounds like a mix of last year’s “To the Moon” and Capcom’s upcoming “Remember Me,” both of which deal with the fluidity and malleability of the mind.

If tense, atmospheric first-person puzzle-solving is your jam, vote for the game to be Greenlit for Steam. On Steam or not, White Paper hopes to release “Ether One” later this summer.

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