Wii Street U Available Now, Free For A Limited Time!

Wii Street U

Google Street View can be a great way to kill some time on your PC, and now the previously announced "Wii Street U" app, created in collaboration with Google, has finally found its to Wii U. Better yet, Nintendo is offering the app free of charge for a limited time, so head to the eShop and get that download started.

Wii Street U takes Google's popular Maps application and turns it into a sort of augmented reality experience on your TV and Gamepad. Navigate to a location on the map, like Nintendo's headquarters for instance, and you'll be able to spin 360 degrees while holding the Wii U Gamepad to get a virtual view as if you were actually there.

In my breif time testing out the app, I found it to be very easy to use. All you need to do is type in the address (a city name works too) you'd like to visit and BOOM! You're there.

By default the TV displays the expanded map view, where you can zoom in and out and select other locations, while the Gamepad shows the 360 degree view. All of my movements were very fluid, and I didn't experience an ounce of "lag" while turning to get a different angle. Even moving along the Street View route (press A) was very smooth. Wii Street View really is worth a try.

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