'New Super Luigi U' DLC Revealed For 'New Super Mario Bros. U'

New Super Luigi U

This morning, during their super special Valentine's Day Nintendo Direct, Nintendo declared 2013 as the "Year of Luigi," and the Year of Luigi it truly is. In fact, Nintendo revealed that "New Super Mario Bros. U" is getting a massive Luigi-only DLC pack!

New Super Luigi U

"New Super Luigi U" is a downloadable content pack that will deliver new versions of the 80+ levels currently playable in NSMBU. The catch is that all of the levels can only be played by Luigi – Mario is going to have to sit this one out.

New Super Luigi U

Details on a firm release date for the DLC haven't been announced just yet, but considering the team at Nintendo has so much work ahead of them (again, 80+ entirely new levels), it's no surprise that we've been told the DLC will take "some time" to complete. Thankfully, we can rest assured that "New Super Luigi U" will be available sometime this year.

How much do you think this massive DLC pack will cost? $5, $10, $20? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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