The Behemoth Details Multiplayer Modes for 'BattleBlock Theater'

By Joseph Leray


I first played “BattleBlock Theater,” the Behemoth’s long-awaited follow-up to “Castle Crashers,” at PAX a few years ago. A friend and I played a few co-op rounds against what we thought was the AI only to have Behemoth co-founder and designer Dan Paladin impishly reveal two other players on the other side of the booth.

In any case, “BattleBlock Theater” is a series of co-operative, arena-based multiplayer modes in which teams are tasked with out running, out jumping, and out punching each other based on each mode’s rules. I think I remember it being fun, but the game’s been in development for almost over three years now -- that PAX demo from 2009 was a long time ago.

With the game’s closed beta coming later this month, the Behemoth has updated its blog, showcasing the game’s eight modes: Soul, Muckle, Challenge, King of the Hill, Color the World, Grab the Gold, Ball Game, and Horse.

Some of these, like Color the World and Grab the Gold are self-explanatory, and others are common multiplayer modes with different names: Muckle is a deathmatch mode, and Challenge is a race to clear each level. Ball Game is, predictably, a basketball-esque mode, if only the NBA allowed punching, stomping, and shooting at other players.

In Soul, points are tied to each player’s spirit: steal other players’ souls to rack up points while safeguarding your own. My favorite mode, on premise alone, has got to be Horse: “Ride the horse to the stables. You’ll have a chance to use your sneaky skills to steal the other team’s horse. Lead the horse all the way back to your own stable to get your haul of points,” the Behemoth’s blog reads.

For screenshots and descriptions of each mode, be sure to check out “BattleBlock Theater”’s progress here.

[The Behemoth via IndieGames]

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