'Slender: The Arrival' Isn't Quite Here Yet, But A Preorder Gets You Instant Beta Access

"Slender: The Eight Pages," the experimental horror game from indie designer Mark Hadley, has gone through something of a reimagining as they say at Blue Isle Entertainment.

This official followup is coming to the PC in March, and if you preorder it, you'll get instant Beta access to the game.

Promising an all-new storyline and improved visuals, "The Arrival" is a full-on continuation of the first game with the writers of Marble Hornets onboard providing the script. The game (and its predecessor) are all about that tight-chested feeling of being lost in the wilderness with the certain feeling that something is after you, a deliberate horror title about the mood and texture of being afraid rather than the immediacy of the jump scare.

"Slender: The Arrival" will be out on the PC and Mac on March 26, and you can head over to the game's preorder page to get it for half off ($5) with the new oft-mentioned beta access.

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