Gearbox Issues Series Of Fixes For 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'

The licensed shooter was not without its problems (my review), and it looks like Gearbox is stepping in to fix some of the issues players have encountered across both the single player campaign and throughout the multiplayer modes.

Even as the largely negative reviews have started pouring in over the last day (and a little bit before in territories where the game came out earlier), and Gearbox has started responding to some of the glitches and exploits found in "Colonial Marines." In a post on the Gearbox community page, the developer provided lists of the fixes coming to the 360, PS3, and PC versions of the game.

Some are minor (UI tweaks, general performance fixes), while others are major, such as collision issues, and game-breaking bugs that might cause players to get stuck.

Here are some fixes detailed in the changelist (the lists are nearly identical across platforms):

  • NPCs no longer attempt to open doors while being welded.
  • Addressed an issue where doors would sometimes not open properly.
  • Escape: Addressed issues where players would spawn with no weapon if they were the last Marine to die in Escape.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent NPCs from getting on the elevator in the Sulaco.
  • 'Switch Teams' option removed from the Pause menu.
  • Fixed issue where Russian players could not drop into a co-op match in some missions.

With the Wii U version due next month, presumably these same fixes will be available as a Day 0 patch.

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