Dust Off Your Dreamcast: Indie Shmup ‘Neo XYX’ Coming in June

By Joseph Leray

Here’s a quirky tidbit for the day: a German indie studio by the name of NG: Dev. Team is making a bullet-hell shoot-’em-up called “Neo XYX” for the long-dead Neo Geo and Dreamcast. According to Indie Statik, the game is based on a 1988 shmup called “Truxton,” by Toaplan.

According to NG:Dev.Team’s listing, “Neo XYX”’s pixel graphics were specifically designed to evoke the late-80’s heyday of hardcore sci-fi scrolling shooters. The game’s scoring system is based on chaining together series of enemy-dropped medals, and bombs are built by collecting power-ups. Should you survive long enough to face them, there are six sub-bosses guarding each of “Neo XYX”’s six levels.

The absolute best part about the game, though: when you inevitably pilot your ship into one of the game’s thousands of brightly-hued bullets, it goes up in a puff of green smoke shaped like the head of a tiger. I hope the same thing happens to my body when I eventually shuffle off this mortal coil.

The Neo Geo version of “Neo XYX” will be available in April, apparently, but it looks like only the Dreamcast versions of the game available from the official store: the basic price is €32, but there are limited and collector's’ editions available for €42 and €88, respectively. You can’t put a price on nostalgia, or being one of only 300 people in the world with copies of a Dreamcast indie shmup made in 2013.

[Indie Statik via Destructoid]

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