‘Wildman’ Kickstarter Canceled With Four Days Left, But Gas Powered Prez Says Publishers Might Be Interested

By Joseph Leray

Game designer and Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor has canceled his troubled Kickstarter campaign for “Wildman,” according to a video update.

“I’ve been working in the background to find other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running,” Taylor says in the video. The studio made a name for itself with the “Dungeon Siege” and “Supreme Commander” franchises, but recently laid off the bulk of its staff, citing a lack of funds to keep operating.

“Wildman” was billed as Tarzan-inspired role-playing, real-time strategy hybrid, but the $1.1 million Kickstarter campaign never got off the ground when it was launched last month. Taylor canceled the campaign with four days to go, but “Wildman” had only raised half of the money necessary to fund the project.

Despite being out of staff, out of money, and out of time, Taylor’s parting words to his Kickstarter backers are optimistic: “If it wasn’t for all of the hard work, and the passion, and the support that I’ve seen this past month, I would not be in a position where I could be looking at some of the opportunities that we’ve got today,” he says.

“I hope you guys stick around for the next chapter of this story because it should, hopefully, be the best one yet.”

While Taylor stops short of promising that “Wildman” will still get made, he says that he thinks “all will go well.” Speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun during D.I.C.E., Taylor mentions that the high-profile Kickstarter campaign has attracted some publisher interest, despite not being successful in and of itself.

“We’ve gotten a lot of phone calls from people who are interested in publishing Wildman,” Taylor told the site. “But they would love to see us raise the money on Kickstarter, and then they’ll take us the rest of the way. So we still need to fund it, but it probably means we won’t have $1.1 million minus the fees. We’ll have $2 or $3 million, at least.”

“So we have an opportunity here to actually make a much bigger and better game if the fans vote yes in the first place,” he concluded.

With no other public details available, it’s not clear how or when “Wildman” could get published or Gas Powered Games stay afloat, but having a big-time publisher sniffing at the door may be Taylor’s best chance right now.

[Kotaku, Rock, Paper, Shotgun via VentureBeat]

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