Original 'Dead Space' Writer Says Action-Focused Game Was 'Inevitable'

By Joseph Leray

Antony Johnston, the lead writer for the original ‘Dead Space’ seems to be the only person with anything nice to say about ‘Dead Space 3.’ Between the tepid reviews -- our own called it “an awful horror game but an okay shooter” -- and the brouhaha surrounding its microtransactions, Visceral’s EA-published space-horror shooter is taking a beating.

After working on “Dead Space,” “Dead Space: Extraction,” and “Dead Space: Ignition,” Johnston moved on from the series to collaborate with Sega and Ubisoft on “Binary Domain” and “ZombiU,” respectively. Despite not having worked on “Dead Space 3,” Johnston had high praise for the team at Visceral.

“I’m personally a big fan of old-school survival horror, and that was one of the main reasons I wanted to work on ‘Dead Space.’ So the greater emphasis on big action in the sequels means they’re not really for me,” he notes in a recent interview with NowGamer. “But … it’s a necessary evil in order to broaden the fan base, and it’s a very difficult balancing act to pull off.”

“So far, I think Visceral has done an admirable job of maintaining that balance,” says Johnston.

Still, it’s probably time to retire the successful franchise: “From what I know of Dead Space 3, I think this is probably a good place to finish it,” Johnston notes. “The only way I could see it continue is with an entirely new scenario and characters, and I’m not sure that would appeal much to the fans in any case.”

“All good stories have an ending. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

[NowGamer via ShackNews]

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