New Video Game Releases For The Week Of 2/12/2013: Games To Train Your Brain And Hug Your Face

"Prometheus" detractors will have a new target for their "Alien" franchise ire thanks to "Aliens: Colonial Marines," but beyond that, this is a slow week for new games. Still, if you're willing to get away from the AAA and check out some smaller titles, the 3DS and PC have some curiosities on offer.

Check them out after the jump.

Title: "Aliens: Colonial Marines" (review)

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360, PS3

If the development cycle on "Colonial Marines" were shorter than what it actually was, I'd call it a cynical cash grab on the parts of SEGA, developer Gearbox, and Twentieth Century Fox. But this game has been in some kind of active development for years and someone, somewhere cared about it. But maybe, after so long with the same game, tunnel vision set in and the wretched AI, stiff enemy animations, and general air of lifelessness about the whole thing is evident early on and none of those complaints ever let up.

On the plus side, it does have the voices of Lance Henricksen and Michael Biehn, so if you want to know what those two have been up to, well, there's that.

Title: "Brain Age: Concentration Training"

Platform(s): 3DS

I want to say it feels like there was a time when multiple companies were trying to get into your head and train your brain using math and shapes and things, but that would be saying that the genre ever really went away. It didn't, I'm just not that audience and I haven't really noticed them. "Brain Age: Concentration Training" is the latest in the series of helping you think more good better.

Title: "Impire"

Platform(s): PC

I'll admit I'm a sucker for these evil minion-type games, and while "Impire" looks a little too much like "Overlord," it kind of doesn't matter. I mean, when are we going to get a new "Overlord?"


Title: "Omerta: City of Gangsters"

Platform(s): Xbox 360

Of course, if pinstripes, spats, and gats are more your thing, there's this gangster-themed turn-based strategy game from Haemimont Games. That's the Bulgarian studio behind the "Tropico" series, so they know a little something about strategy games--they're just applying the same to the crooked-nose set.

The game is set in 1920's Atlantic City, putting your character through a rags-to-riches tale of criminal domination. While the creativity of that particular premise doesn't exact inspire a lot of confidence, who really comes to strategy games with more in mind than the thrill of planning and managing one's resources?

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