‘Gears of War: Judgment’ Includes Your Choice Of ‘Gears 2’ Or ‘3’ With WalMart Pre-Order

By Joseph Leray

When “Gears of War: Judgment” launches next month, it will do so with a raft of pre-order bonuses. Everyone who pre-order’s Epic’s newest People Can Fly-developed active-reloading sim will receive a token to download the original “Gears of War,” as well as the Classic Hammerburst rifle for use in multiplayer and four character skins.

WalMart is adding to the growing list of bonuses by offering customers their choice of “Gears of War 2” or “Gears of War 3” with any “Judgment” pre-order, according to a listing on their website. Epic Games’ customer research shows that over half of all “Gears of War 3” customers have never played the original game in the series -- it only makes sense that WalMart might try to capitalize on anyone who hasn’t yet played “Gears 2” or “3.”

WalMart’s pre-order bonuses also need to be attractive enough to compete with GameStop, who is offering early access to the game’s multiplayer demo. The demo -- which includes the new Overrun mode -- will be available to all Xbox Live members when “Gears of War: Judgment” hits shelves on March 19, but players who pre-order from GameStop will get a three-day headstart.

[WalMart via Joystiq]

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