Paradox Offering ‘Sengoku’ Gratis With ‘March of the Eagles’ Pre-Order

By Joseph Leray

Paradox Interactive have been busy since a public mea culpa from CEO Ferederic Wester: after calling the launch of “Gettysburg: Armored Warfare” “terrible,” Wester’s company has announced “Leviathan: Warships” (subtitled: “Ships Just Got Real”) and announced today that a free game will be included with pre-orders for the upcoming “March of the Eagles.”

In another move that is slowly-but-surely confirming my suspicions that Paradox Interactive are probably single-handedly keeping warfare-based strategy sims alive, the Swedish publisher are offering a free copy of “Sengoku” to anyone who pre-orders “March of the Eagles.” In Paradox’ long-term plans to improve their quality and their reputation, giving loyal fans free games surely can’t hurt. Both “March of the Eagles” and “Sengoku” were developed by Paradox’ internal Development Studio, which has got to be the most ho-hum name in videogames.

“March of the Eagles” is the latest installment of the long-running, chronology-agnostic “Europa Universalis” franchise and takes place between 1805 and 1820: Napoleon is carving up Western Europe and trying to establish the First French Empire. The game is noted for its precise focus and use of historical topographical maps. It will be available for $19.99 from major digital distributors next week, but early adopters will get a 10% pre-order discount.

“Sengoku,” on the other hand, was Paradox Development Studios’ 2011 offering: another grand strategy wargame in which players take on the role of the patriarch of a feudal Japanese samurai clan.

Interested? Get your war on at “March of the Eagles’” official site.

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