What Is Square Enix's 'Murdered: Soul Suspect?'

Square Enix leaves a thin trail of breadcrumbs about their upcoming title for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Offering a series of images, an @murdered.com email address, and the tagline "What is the hardest case to solve," Square Enix has been slowly teasing out the nature of its "Murdered: Soul Suspect" over the last week.

NeoGaf took a crack at the game's cryptic page, Murdered.com to find the following piece of introductory text hiding in the metadata:

Detectives aren’t supposed to get bloody knuckles, but I’ve done a lot of things I wasn’t supposed to do. I lived through it all, the beat-downs, the back-stabbing, disrespect most people wouldn’t see in ten lifetimes and I never lost a fight… until now.

So, it's a game about a dead detective solving his own murder, right? We can probably presume that it takes place somewhere in Massachusetts thanks to the location used for the game and site's Twitter profile in what's likely a town called Harmony Grove (check out the name of the antique shop in the image at the top of the post). But what to make of the curious bell icon? It's increasingly clear that "Soul Suspect" will have some kind of occult angle.

We'll keep an eye out for more information about "Murdered: Soul Suspect" as it emerges.

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