inExile Shows Off Nearly 20 Minutes Of 'Wasteland 2' Gameplay

In this early footage from the sequel to the apocalyptic RPG classic, developer inExile shows off the very first level as well as the first combat encounter.

The first video update is inExile's opportunity to show off some of the HUD and combat system they've been hard at work on over the last few months, adding that particle effects, the minimap, and other key elements aren't in the video simply because they're not yet ready. The combat is based on the original "Wasteland" rule set, with variables like distance and character size affecting the chances of scoring a hit against an enemy.

"Wasteland 2" will be headed to the Mac and PC in October--15 years after the original. Still, you can put down your money now for it on its sale page.

[Source: Kotaku]

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