Standalone 'DayZ' Release Gets Early Gameplay Footage

In the latest blog post for "DayZ," project lead Dean "Rocket" Hall walks us through a status update on the zombie-heavy standalone version of the "ArmA II" mod. Clothing, loot, and new locations have been implemented as well as functional changes to the UI according to Hall and production assistant Matt Lightfoot who provide commentary for the video.

In the game, you play as a lone survivor in a persistent world of filled with the hungry living dead, and you're struggle for continued survival will hinge on your ability to find supplies and weapons while avoiding/combating the undead horde. Back in August, the "DayZ" creators announced that the mod would become a standalone game published by "ArmA II" publisher Bohemia Interactive. Back then, the plan was to adopt the "Minecraft" model of post-release development with the game launching at some point with frequent updates to implement and build on existing features.

According to a recent Tumblr post, "DayZ" is currently still in the process of closed internal testing, with no timeframe for when it'll be heading out for external testing. Beyond that, the "DayZ" team has an eye towards implementing crafting and a stable inventory management system as well as fixing all of the nuts and bolts that will make the game feel as much like an MMO as possible.

[Source: G4]

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