Website Registration, Online Resumes Point To An Upcoming Machinegames ‘Wolfenstein’ title

By Joseph Leray

CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. is a company that registers and safeguards website domains for clients, keeping URL squatters off of them and allowing the clients to keep their marketing plans a secret. One of those clients is, apparently, ZeniMax Media, the owners of Bethesda Softworks and id Software.

The games industry super sleuth known as Superannuation recently dug up a CSC-owned domain registration for, which suggests that a new “Wolfenstein” game is in the works. “Spiel” is German for “game.”

The domain registry ties into another “Wolfenstein”-related rumor: several online resumes for composers, engineers, and voice actors have mentioned a Machinegames-developed “Wolfenstein” game. Machinegames is a Swedish development studio currently working on an unnamed game using the id Tech 5 engine. ZeniMax acquired id Software (and the “Wolfenstein” intellectual property) in 2009 and snagged Machinegames a year later.

With ballooning development costs and Byzantine publishing and licensing deals, it’s too early to say definitively that Machinegames is working on a new “Wolfenstein,” particularly since ZeniMax hasn’t officially announced it yet — games come and go without even so much as a press release sometimes.

Still, the last “Wolfenstein” game was developed in 2009 by Raven Software. If Captain B.J. Blazkowicz is making his return, he’s definitely due.

[Polygon, WhoIs via Twitter]

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