Next For Grammy-nominated 'Journey' Composer Wintory? He's Gonna Be Your 'Beatbuddy'

Fresh off of his D.I.C.E. win for "Journey's" score, composer Austin Wintory is teaming up with indie developer Threaks for their rhythm action game, "Beatbuddy."

Wintory is composing a song exclusively for the game, which kinda-sorta seems like "Soundshapes" if you squint a little.

In the game, players control the little Beatbuddy, as he makes his way through each level, "building" a son through interactions with environmental elements and enemies. Threaks is promising no two playthroughs of a "Beatbuddy" level will be alike.

From the official synopsis:

Beatbuddy is the first music action-adventure. The game enables you to experience music in a non-linear and interactive fashion. Being in control of the music creature Beatbuddy, your goal is to work your way through a song. Starting from the first minimal bassdrums sounds all the way to the massive chorus. The musical structure of each song is thereby represented in the layout of the game levels. By translating all the instruments and multi-tracks of a song into the game mechanics and game elements you can experience an interactive journey through the music.

Threaks plans to release "Beatbuddy" sometime this year.

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