Season Pass, Free DLC From Wal-Mart Preorders Come 'Aliens: Colonial Marines'

More campaign and multiplayer content are coming to the Gearbox shooter post-release, and if you want to get some of it for free, you have to give Wal-Mart your monies early.

The season pass, good for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of the game, will run you $29.99/2400 MS Points, with the first piece of content, "Bug Hunt," due in March. "Bug Hunt" is the game's multiplayer Horde-like mode, where waves of attacking enemies will assault player positions on three new maps based on locations in James Cameron's "Aliens."

From the official description:

Scheduled for March 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines’ first additional content pack, “Bug Hunt” will throw players into an all-new cooperative multiplayer mode where they have to take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies (“Xenomorphs”) in three brand new maps based on environments from the ALIENS film. Equipped with deadly attack abilities, the Xenomorphs are built to kill and will hunt the Colonial Marines down relentlessly. Players will need to utilize in their best tactics, team up and cooperate against the flood of aliens, who will use every possible path in the environment to get to the Colonial Marines and destroy them.

If you're not keen to lay out $30 upfront for the new DLC, if you preorder or purchase "Colonial Marines" from Wal-Mart, the Bug Hunt DLC will be gratis when it hits shelves next week.

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