'Rayman Legends’ Goes Multiplatform After A Delay Into September

By Joseph Leray

The hits keep coming for “Rayman Legends.”

After being announced as an exclusive Wii U launch title, the game was delayed three months until February 19th. Today, Ubisoft Montpelier has announced that not only is the game being delayed again -- this time to September -- but that its also coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“We heard from many Xbox and PlayStation owners and ‘Rayman’ fans who told us they really wanted to play ‘Rayman Legends’ on their current system”, Ubisoft’s Geoffroy Sardin wrote in a statement. ”We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game.”

Like “Rayman Origins” before it, “Legends” is marked by its distinctive visual style and for being one of the few 2D platformers released as full-on retail games. The genre’s doing quite well, to be sure, but it’s increasingly done so under the purview of smaller indie teams.

Ubisoft’s announcement comes a day after similar news from Tecmo Koei: “Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge,” a Wii-U exclusive reboot of the dismal “Ninja Gaiden 3,” will also be making way to competitor’s consoles when it comes out in April.


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