Killer Croc Coming To ‘Injustice’

…along Penguin and the Riddler?

Neatherrealm’s Ed Boon was playing the teasing game again today, finally releasing this screen featuring the Batman villain putting the smackdown on the Flash. Could the presence of the Riddler and Penguin in the background mean they’re playable characters or are they just enjoying the show?

Croc, the Gene Colan and Gerry Conway-created villain, has always struck me as a discount Curt Connors/the Lizard albeit without the Frankenstein tragedy to him. Afflicted with a disease that gives him the scaly appearance and animal strength of a crocodile, he’s only been really interesting in a trio of “Batman: The Animated Series” episodes, most notably the weird one where he romanced Baby Doll, the one where he befriends (and betrays) a group of peaceful circus oddities, and this moment starting at the 00:16 point (note the stone cold “Cool story, bro” look from he assembled villains):

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