Nintendo And CollegeHumor Bring 'BearShark' To 3DS

Nintendo and College Humor have joined forces once again to deliver a brand new animated series on 3DS, titled "BearShark." The latest series coming to Nintendo Video follows a bear and shark as they cause hilarious mayhem across land and sea in their continued pursuit of some poor sap named Steve, who sadly doesn't stand a chance.

The first episode of "BearShark" will premiere on Nintendo Video for Nintendo 3DS on February 8th. However, you can get an early look at the boring 2D version over at right now. Future episodes will premiere exclusively on Nintendo Video on a regular basis.

The new series marks the continuing partnership between Nintendo and, which previously delivered the ongoing "Dinosaur Office" series to Nintendo's glasses-free 3D handheld.

Now all we have to do is wait and see if Nintendo ever brings their video service to Wii U. Obviously, 3D videos are out of the question, but more non-gaming entertainment options are definitely something Nintendo should be working on if they plan to succeed in their living room takeover.

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