Skyrim Rain - Tay Zonday Sings The Theme From Skyrim

Ladies, gentleman, aliens from the farthest reaches of the galaxy and daedra from the deepest parts of Oblivion.... The Internet!

In something that can have only come from the mind of Sheogorath, "Internet Celebrity" Tay Zonday, famous for Chocolate Rain belts out the thunderous tune from "Skyrim." In a weird way I can't help but sing along, not only because it's a fine tune, but he also graciously provides karaoke style sing along text. So now that you finally have the words, there's not much of an excuse to not toss back a flagon of mead and summon your "Thu'um."

Comments about this version have been pretty funny but the best one comes from YouTuber "toydoctorrrs" with the below comment.


Still, for my money's worth (which is free... I guess...) I prefer this rendition of "Dragonborn Comes" beautifully sung by Malukah. Check out her YouTube channel for a few more video game songs.

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