Ahoy!: Paradox Publishing Pieces Interactive’s ‘Leviathan: Warships’ Later this Summer

By Joseph Leray

Frederik Wester, CEO of “Magicka” and “Crusader Kings” publisher Paradox Interactive recently promised that his company was revamping its quality control with an eye toward releasing “fewer and better titles” in the wake of the botched release of “Gettysburg: Armored Warfare.” Wester called the “Gettysburg” launch “terrible,” explaining that the company “did not do [its] homework.”

In the wake of that increasingly rare straight-talk, Paradox Interactive have announced “Leviathan: Warships,” an asychronous, turn-based, vaguely futuristic, naval strategy game. The Pieces Interactive-developed game features all the bells and whistles -- customizable flotilla, four-person multiplayer, singleplayer and co-op campaign, challenge missions, different factions etc. -- but the absolute best thing about “Leviathan” is its subtitle: “Ships Just Got Real.”

Paradox has long been a shelter for the beleaguered strategy genre, and if its CEO can straight-up call his own game “terrible,” you better believe his ship is real.

In any case, the game seems to have its fans’ well-being in mind. There’s cloud-saving and cross-platform play, which would seem to facilitate as much multiplayer action as possible. And Pieces Interactive are promising that all the campaign and challenge missions can be completed without an internet connection, a concession to the “marooned sailors” among us.

There are surprisingly few games about boats on the market, and I think I spied one shooting a laser in the announcement trailer. There you have it folks, ships (with lasers) just got real, and will continue to get realer when “Leviathan: Warships” floats onto PC, Mac, Android, and iOS later this summer.

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