Chinese New Year delays updates to ‘Akaneiro: Demon Hunter,’ And Devs Shoot For End Of February For Steam Release

By Joseph Leray

American McGee’s “Akaneiro: Demon Hunter,” the gorgeous free-to-play action-RPG loosely based on the Little Red Riding Hood story, will be start receiving its Kickstarter-promised updates just as soon as the team at Shanghai-based SpicyHorse Studios gets back in the office after the Chinese New Year.

“Akaneiro” went live last week, offering prospective demon-slayers the option of downloading a client or playing in their browsers. At the same time, the company wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign to add new features and modes to the game, including weapon-crafting and co-op.

“We expect the initial ‘foundation’ work to take at least two months, starting around the end of February,” a SpicyHorse spokesperson told me. “We can’t start right away as we’re heading into the Chinese equivalent of the American ‘Thanksgiving+Christmas+New Year’ holiday vortex.”

The developers will need to re-work the game’s user interface to introduce the new features, but they expect that players will start seeing significant updates in a few months. A more detailed timeline is coming at the end of February.

In other “Akaneiro” news, the game was Greenlit for distribution on Steam, and SpicyHorse are “targeting” a launch date at the end of this month, a rep tells me. “The version we upload there will be much like the one you're playing today - except that it will contain any of the weekly improvements we've been pushing into the builds since launch,” SpicyHorse says.

The new features contained in the Kickstarter will not be present when the game hits Steam -- it will need to be updated later this year, like every other version of the game. “All versions of the game are updated automatically whenever the team pushes out a new build,” the devs explain. “This is one of the beauties of developing and distributing games online.”

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