'Skylanders: Swap Force' Mixes and Matches With This Teaser

Just in time for next week's Toy Fair, the biggest kids gaming and toy IP to hit the market gears up to launch a new game this fall... with a little twist. The trailer above (matched perfectly with Fatboy Slims' Weapon of Choice) shows off a whole new feature for the Skaylanders toys- swapabilty. By changing out the top and bottom halves of the new toys, you can create all new characters with the powers of both. It's a neat way to bring a little more interactivity to the line along with a more varied gameplay decisions.

As with any child targeted game, there's all kinds of new toys to collect. Each figure looks really nice wth clean paint jobs and dynamic poses. The only downside is they're not so much action figures as static figures, lacking any really articulation. Still, they're well crafted, interesting to look at, and the magnetic clicking of the new Sawp Force toys satisfies that weird compulsive need in my brain. They all have fun names that can combined from the parents', though I'm sure the dev team had some fun realizing that a few might be unintentionally dirty such as "Wash Zone". I'm reminded of this clip on "The Simpsons" just a bit. Kidding aside, these toys and games have generated a ton of money and created a whole new market with the "toys to life" genre. Check out a few of the new guys below as well as get a look at how they connect together.

Blast Zone

Wash Buckler

Wash Zone

Blast Buckler

Stealth Elf

At the reveal event in Times Square, they also showed off a bit of gameplay that sticks to tried and true method of the last two games. Simply choose your favorite Skylander, plop him on the portal and watch as it magically appears on screen. It's a wonderful idea that I really wish I had as kid so I could bug mom about buying me the whole set at Toys-R-Us. Instead I had Captain Power.

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