Creative Code: First-Person Hacker 'Quadrilateral Cowboy' Gets Trailer

By Joseph Leray

The first trailer for Blendo Games’ “Quadrilateral Cowboy” hit the internet, giving us the a look at designer Brendan Chung’s first-person hacking puzzle game.

Subtitled “20th Century Cyberpunk,” “Quadrilater Cowboy” tasks players with disabling alarms, re-purposing security cameras, and photographing sensitive documents, all with a few DOS prompts, a 56K modem, and less RAM than it takes to run that old version of Photoshop you pirated a few years ago. Blendo Games made a name for itself as an indie talent by releasing games like “Flotilla,” “Gravity Bone,” and last year’s “Thirty Flights of Loving.”

“A lot of games have hacking minigames where you match colors together or whatever. But I’ve always wanted to just type commands into a terminal,” Chung told Rock, Paper, Shotgun during the game’s debut at PAX last year. “That’s a very risky and niche design choice, so it’s understandable why people don’t do that. But I figured I that I can do what I want, so I might as well give it a shot.”

Speaking to Gamasutra last summer, Chung explained that “Quadrilateral Cowboy” was designed “to give the players a sandbox to play in, and let them plan and execute their own unique route the objective.” To that end, players will have access to portable cameras, a projector that can fool guards with fake images, and mobile weevil-bot that can climb over ledges and through air-ducts.

Chung, a self-taught programmer, also explains that “Quadrilateral Cowboy” will use a “mish-mash” of programming languages. “It won’t make you a programming genius, but it’ll give you some fundamental stuff,” he says.

The game uses the open-source “Doom 3” engine and will be available sometime this year.

[Blendo Games]

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