Custom Lego Set Project: Metroid Hopes to Become Official With Cuusoo Campaign

By Joseph Leray

Ok, so the last new “Metroid” game anyone played was “Other M” from 2010, and the last “Metroid” game anyone liked was “Prime 3: Corruption,” but the series still has cultural cachet, right? Right!

Enter a Lego Cuusoo user by the name of Zurtech: he or she used Lego’s digital design software to create a “Metroid”-based set, complete with Samus (Zero Suit and Varia Suit versions, natch), her iconic ship, Mother Brain, and metroid incubation tanks. There are roughly one billion Lego sets that include dragons, so I don’t fault Zurtech for skipping out on designing a Ridley.

Here’s the kicker, though: Cuusoo is a program that allows users to design custom Lego sets and submit them for review. If a given set can spread the word and get 10,000 supporters, Lego will consider the set for official production. Previous pop-culture Cuusoo sets include “Minecraft” and “Back to the Future,” and a “Portal” set is currently under review.

According to Zurtech, all of the “Metroid” designs can be made with existing pieces and colors, though some extra detailing would be needed for Samus’ suit. Other than that, drumming up support for Project: Metroid’s Cuusoo campaign and working out a licensing deal with Nintendo are the only other obstacles to being able to build your own Galactic Federation-inspired sets.

You can support Project: Metroid here.

[Lego Cuusoo via Destructoid]

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