New Screens And A Trailer Accompany ‘TERA’ As It Goes Free-To-Play

By Joesph Leray

The artist formerly known as “TERA” has been re-branded and re-launched: the action-oriented MMORPG is now “TERA: Rising,” and it’s free-to-play.

“TERA” first made waves because of its real-time combat, which is more similar to a console-style action game than the click-click-click of traditional MMOs. Players can form alliances and join political parties as they vie for position in the fantasy world showcased by “Rising”’s slick new trailer. “TERA” can be kind of grind-heavy at first, but it’s hard to whine too much about a free game, assuming the monetization model isn’t too pernicious.

Players who have already bought “TERA” will be automatically upgraded to “Founder status,” which comes with a few in-game perks. Any player can also pay to get “Elite status” which is even perk-ier. This handy chart details the different status levels.

“The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and our community is eager to greet a new wave of gamers checking out TERA for the first time,” says Chris Lee, CEO of publisher En Masse Entertainment. “The brand new content is going to be engaging for both the new and existing players alike – creating a fun and dynamic environment we haven’t seen before in TERA.”

The transition from paid subscription to free-to-play comes with new content, such as the Crucible of Flame challenge dungeon and a three-vs.-three PVP arena. Two new servers have also been created, giving new players a chance to learn the ropes with other like-minded adventurers, though bolder players can also choose to mix it up with “TERA” veterans.

Interested? Get signed up for an account on “TERA”’s official website.

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