New Video Game Releases For The Week Of 2/5/2013:

Is it snowing where you are? If so, four new games out this week will offer you quite a few hours of stuff to do to stave off the cabin fever. Visceral Games rounds out their Necromorph saga with "Dead Space 3," while the seemingly endless "Fire Emblem" series brings its latest entry to the 3DS.

What are you picking up this week? Or a month into 2013, are you still working off that holiday stack?

Title: "Dead Space 3"

Platform(s): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Visceral returns to their increasingly chatty protagonist Isaac Clark, throwing him (and a co-op buddy) against a new Necromorph threat--possibly at its point of origin. It's an expensive-looking game and a lot of time and effort obviously went into constructing the new environments that will stalk Isaac throughout the campaign. Does that make for a better horror game (he asked rhetorically).

In our review later today, we'll talk about how this is maybe the most mid-90's action movie of horror games of all time.

Title: "Fire Emblem: Awakening"

Platform(s): 3DS

In his review, Jason Cipriano explains that Intelligent Systems has lowered the difficulty for this latest entry in the "Fire Emblem" series, making it simply "hard" as opposed to the trying entries from the Nintendo franchise.

He was impressed:

The game is an all-engrossing experience, and if you're up for diving it, you'll be amazed just how many hours you can pour into this game and still have something new to do.

Title: "Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time"

Platform(s): PS3, PS Vita

It's been eight years since the last "Sly Cooper" game from developer Sucker Punch. That's an entire console generation and a new development regime under Sanzaru Games (they're responsible for the series' recent HD collection on the PS3). Stealth games have come a long way since the original Sly, but that art style is still very easy on the eye.

Are there series faithful who'll support the latest "Sly?" Maybe it's just attractive enough to newcomers to see a full-fledged resurrection of the series.

Title: "Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2"

Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U

This just came across my desk yesterday, and in the time since it arrived I've been playing it. Not enjoying it, mind you, but I've been playing it. According to the game clock, only 4 hours have passed, but somehow, it seems like I've been punching dudes and causing them to explode forever...

Another in Tecmo Koei's "let's take a license and throw it into the 'Dynasty Warriors' blender" line, I would say your enjoyment of "Fist of the North Star 2: Ken's Rage 2" would be wholly dependent on the manga-turned-anime source material. But that's not even really in the ballpark of truth given what could charitably be described as shoddy production values and load times that will induce rage in the player.

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