Gearbox Reveals 'Borderlands 2: Add-on Content Pack' Retail Disc

If you've been holding off to purchase "Borderlands 2" DLC you may have made the right move. 2K games and Gearbox today announced the arrival of the "Borderlands 2: Add-on Content Pack" which bundles all of the previously released DLC into a single physical package.

The "Add-on Content Pack" will come with the two previously released add-on campaigns, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty and Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, along with the game's fifth playable character, Gaige the Mechromancer. In addition, the retail disc will deliver the Creature Slaughter Dome battle arena (where you can earn Mad Moxxi's rare rocket launcher), the Gearbox Gun Pack and Skyrocket Grenade, additional heads and skins for your characters and a Golden Key to unlock rare loot from the golden chest in Sanctuary.

The disc is actually a pretty good deal, if you aren't already a Season Pass holder. Gearbox says all of the DLC included in the pack would cost gamers $40 if purchased separately, while the retail copy will only set you back $29.99.

The "Borderlands 2: Add-on Content Pack" will be available worldwide for PS3 and Xbox 360 beginning February 26th.

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