This Knitted Claptrap From 'Borderlands' Is Ready For Some Hugs

The real CL4P-TP (more commonly known as Claptrap) probably isn't all that cuddly. Lovable, yes. But cuddly? I doubt his beat-up metal exterior is very huggable. Thankfully, there is a softer solution. The snuggle-ready Claptrap you see above was knitted out of wool and he's 100% hug-ready.

Created by Finnish "knitaholic" Morrgan, the knitted Claptrap is apparently comprised of roughly 40 separate pieces. The project was started back in 2010, but was put on the shelf to allow for other creations around the holiday season. When "Borderlands 2" made its debut, Morrgan was once again inspired to complete her long-lost project. As you can see, the final result turned out perfectly.

Unlike a lot of the awesome video game-inspired knit pieces we've seen, this 16" wool Claptrap isn't for sale. However, you can take a look at some more photos and get all the details on Morrgan's creation by heading over to her blog, Morrgan's Creatures.

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