Scared Science: Explore The Fear System of ‘Dead Space 3’ In This New Dev Diary

By Joseph Leray

Boutique gaming mag Kill Screen has posted a great developer diary with the audio team behind “Dead Space 3,” particularly detailing how the audio cues were captured (the screaming Necromorphs are actually sound designer David Lowmiller’s niece) and how and when the game engine decides to use them.

Visceral Games implemented what they’re calling the Fear System into “Dead Space 3”: everything in the game has a hidden fear value between 0 and 1. At a fear level of 0, protagonist Isaac Clarke is cool, calm, and collected; at 1, his heart is beating out of his chest, his breathing is haggard, Necromorphs are screeching, and the game’s score has degraded into “a symphony of destruction,” says executive producer Steve Papoutsis.

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