Sony's Rumored PS4 Reveal Will Be Live-Streamed

Sony has confirmed that their upcoming PlayStation Meeting – where the company will let us "see the future" of gaming, and possibly reveal the PlayStation 4 – will be live-streamed on the web for all to see.

According to Gamespot, no specifics on where exactly the live-stream will be available for viewing have been announced, but Sony has apparently said that info will be available in the coming weeks. The event takes place on February 20th at 6pm ET in New York.

In much the same way Apple debuts their latest hardware, recent rumors suggest that Sony and Microsoft would unveil their next-gen consoles at their own media events, rather than sharing the spotlight with competitors at large-scale trade shows like E3.

It's all rumor and speculation for now, but there's no denying we've got high hopes for the 20th. What about you?

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