Kickstartin': Quirky PC And Mac Strategy Game 'Death Inc.' Dying For Your Pledges

We brought you word a couple of weeks back about Ambient Studios, the 11-man development team made up of "LittleBigPlanet" veterans. For their first project, Ambient decided to bring their quirky sensibility and cute/creepy art style to "Death Inc.," a strategy game about the bubonic plague for the PC and Mac. Now they've taken to Twitter to ask for help getting the dang thing made.

Ambient promises "Death Inc." is more than a strategy game, offering business sim and god game elements along with the real-time strategy aspect. In the game, players will take on the role of Guide Grim T. Livingstone, a "Freelance Reaper" tasked with spreading the plague through 1660s England. Grim will amass an infected horde of humans and animals as he drives the plague across the English countryside.

The real-time strategy elements will have the player infecting the populace and sending them out to infect others and combat the plague-free armed guards and pitchfork-wielding citizenry, while harvested souls will allow Grim to upgrade his powers and abilities and renovate his base of operations in the management sim. Plague rats, exploding livestock, and pigeon pox are just some of the ways the Brits will get the bubos.

From the original announcement:

Have you ever considered your own mortality? Have you ever thought that maybe there’s more to the afterlife than keeping gravediggers and veil-makers busy?

The thing is, death is big business. The Ministry Of Mortality is the infernal agency tasked with finding the stiffs, shuffling off their mortal coils and setting them on their way to a better (or worse) afterlife. A vast, ancient corporation that can’t cope with demand, the Ministry Of Mortality is stretched to breaking point.

Plenty of room for the little guy, wouldn’t you say?

And that’s where you come in. Grim T. Livingstone: Reaper, entrepreneur, malcontent and founder of Death Inc., the afterlife’s premier mortality outsourcing agency.

You can check out the trailer below:

To get "Death Inc." made, Ambient is seeking £300,000 (approximately $472k USD) to complete the single player campaign by October of this year, although some work has been completed on in-game levels and gameplay features. As of this writing, the campaign is at 10% of its ambitious goal, but we'll keep checking in to see how it does throughout the next month.

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