Vlambeer Delays ‘Luftrausers’ Release Pending Negotiations for PS3 and Vita Ports

By Joseph Leray

The PC and Mac versions of Vlambeer’s “Luftrausers” are being delayed while the indie studio negotiates with Sony to bring the lo-fi airplane dogfigting game to PlayStation 3 and Vita, according to their official website.

“We still need to develop [“Luftrausers”] for those platforms,” Vlambeer boss Rami Ismail writes. “We think it’s great that we’re talking, as we love those people, plus it gives us even more time to polish the game.”

“Obviously, though, we’re sorry to say that that means that it is likely that “Luftrausers” is shifting back a month or two,” he continues. “‘Luftrausers’ would be best launched on all platforms at once, as far as we’re concerned, so that means we have to push back the release just a bit.”

Vlambeer is also in the midst of finalizing development on “Ridiculous Fishing,” an iOS fishing game (obviously) that was the subject of a high-profile cloning controversy about a year ago.

“It’s been a painful ride, but after a year of being depressed about it, we finally found motivation to finish the project – things have just been coming together at the a breakneck pace,” Rami explains. “We’ll be honest, there were times at which we felt dropping the game might be a better solution than pushing ourselves to work on it any further, but we’re glad we didn’t do that.”

Vlambeer hopes to have official release dates for both games “soon” -- and they’ll both be playable at PAX East in late March -- but both “Luftrausers” and “Ridiculous Fishing” can be expected some time this spring.

And because it’s Friday and you’re not really going to get much work done, why not give the Flash version “Luftrauser” a spin? To put it plainly, it’s super fun.

[Vlambeer via Joystiq]

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