An Unforgetable Behind The Scenes Look At Music Of 'Remember Me'

By Joseph Leray

For a game coming out in May, Capcom are keeping details on Dontnod Entertainment’s “Remember Me” close to the chest. I’ve been following the game pretty closely, and a nine-minute gameplay video and a short trailer earlier this year notwithstanding, the hype train is getting off to a slow start.

Nevertheless, Capcom posted a developer diary today featuring Olivier Deriviere and John Kurlander, the game’s composers. A behind-the-scenes look at “Remember Me”’s orchestral score may not sound like much, but Deriviere is a good host and pulls a lot of interesting design elements into his discussion. He’s talking about music, sure, but fans will also learn about the combat design, visual style, and story of “Remember Me.”

Plus, he’s got a great French accent, guaranteed to give everyone the vapors.

Early on, Deriviere mentions that he wanted to make the score soft and subtle, “to be closer to Nilin, her story, and her emotions,” but the rest of the video is all violin swells and brassy trumpets. The game’s score, recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, will eventually be digitized and remixed, though, so maybe the operatics will be toned down when “Remember Me” is finally released.

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