Live-Action 'God of War: Ascension' Trailer Shows The Softer Side Of Kratos

In this trailer, titled "From the Ashes," is one of the rare times we get to see the Spartan murder machine's vulnerability. During a preview event last night (look for my post on that later today), "God of War: Ascension" Game Director Todd Papy talked about using the prequel to get at some of the emotional/softer elements of the character, something the last act of "God of War 3" attempted, albeit clumsily with a stand-in for Kratos' dead daughter.

Normally, I'd pick this spot to complain about the trend in game trailers to attempt to evoke emotion by slowing the music and action down, maybe with actual "slow-mo" thrown in for added effect. But this works--I'm still trying to parse through precisely why this particular piece works so well (I guess maybe because it's so informed by the personality and aesthetic of the character, maybe?). Anyway, it's a good look, and the use of Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On” works well here.

According to this PlayStation Blog post, if you watch the Super Bowl streaming online, they'll be debuting a one minute version of the trailer exclusively during the game, making this officially the teaser to the trailer for the prequel.

"God of War 3" will be available on the PS3 March 12.

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