Shooter 'God Mode' Will Allow You To Take Oaths, Steal Gold

Oldschool Games continues to make their case for the upcoming arcade shooter "God Mode" in this new trailer. Among the features included in the game are "Oaths" (see around the 00:39 point), which sound a lot like challenges or "Halo's" Skulls system. Turn one of those on and you might take more damage from enemies while earning a bonus during the course of the match.

So the tone of this thing... it feels really late 90's/"Daikatana," right? Most of that could just come down to all of the taking it up the butt stuff from the fey, demon Caligula announcer, but it's not leaving a super-great impression. If that's the only personality the game has, it's hard to get all that excited about it (even if I am a huge fan of arcade arena shooters).

"God Mode" will be available via Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam sometime in early 2013.

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